Dedicated Leadership

Dedicated leadership, fighting to cut government, cut taxes, grow freedom, and grow jobs. After decades of over-spending and over-taxation, Pennsylvania's fiscal house is on fire. Out of control welfare costs, corrections costs, pension costs, and debt costs are burning our taxpayer dollars at an unsustainable pace.

It's time to put the fire out...

Cut Government:

  • Reduce budgets, bureaucracy, bloated pensions and entitlements

  • Require transparency and accountability to expose waste and corrupt practices

  • Stop overspending taxpayer funds and excessive state borrowing

Cut Taxes:

  • Kill the Pennsylvania death tax

  • Lower and simplify taxes on job-creators

  • Fight the unfair property tax

Grow Freedom:

  • Fight unfunded mandates and oppressive big government programs being forced on us by Washington and Harrisburg 

  • Protect gun rights, free speech, religious liberty and the sanctity of life

  • Re-focus government on limited core purposes: preventing crime, protecting constitutional rights and building critical infrastructure

Grow Jobs:

  • See above - when we cut government, cut taxes and grow freedom, jobs and prosperity follow